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During these extraordinary times, more and more consumers are seeking to find opportunities to earn more money, study internationally, take a relocation flight, or maybe boost their career. Today, SabiTeach, a marketplace for online learning, announces its loyalty marketing partnership with Loystar.  Using Loystar Loyalty engine and the uRewards platform, the introduction of this loyalty scheme makes it simple for anyone to take advantage of discounted rates  on paid courses, to learn academic and non-academic subjects on the SabiTeach website using the voucher codes.

Loystar’s growing network of retail merchants and customers on the uRewards platform will benefit high-value from this loyalty scheme. as this will enable members to enroll onto the SabiTeach network, maximize the value offering they receive on SabiTeach and build customer relationships. For example, while customer can take advantage of discounted rate for courses like IELTS, or even get free courses if they have been patronizing merchants on Loystar, merchants themselves can also monetize their knowledge by digitizing their knowledge base and offering that to a wide array of customers who may want to learn their craft and skill.

It’s unlike any other loyalty scheme, benefitting every member – whether they are just getting to know us or they have been on Loystar for a while.

About SabiTeach: SabiTeach is an education technology firm based in Africa working  to solve educational issues plaguing the continent. Learners can use our online marketplace to identify and connect with trained and vetted tutors for online and in-person learning engagements across any subject and age. SabiTeach has evolved to include over 2000 tutors who teach hundreds of classes per week across Nigeria, Canada, UK with exceptional instructors who are thoroughly checked before joining the team.

Through this partnership, members of the loyalty scheme can get discounts on any course they enroll for on the SabiTeach network using the coupon codes they get with Loystar on the uRewards platform. This means that when a member uses Loystar services, that member gets a coupon code which can be redeemed digitally on the SabiTeach network. 

New interested customers can get rewarded by visiting the Exclusive tab on uRewards, opt-in and receive the voucher code sent to them, while discovering other local brands for even more high value rewards.

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