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Loyalty is earned with friendliness, responsiveness, ease of doing business, fair value and the good feeling customers get when they call you, visit you or interact with you
– Jeffrey Gitomer.

Loystar is a retail and loyalty platform that enables you not only sell your products but allows you drive repeat sales while providing you with an easy mode of operation.

The best way to a retain a customer is to not only have a one-off interaction, but to establish and  build a relationship with them. We’ve added more features that makes it easier to build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Inventory and Barcode Tracking: Do you spend so much time counting stock every now and then? you don’t have to anymore, with this new feature you can now generate codes and barcodes for your items which allows you to track your inventory more efficiently. Each of your items can now have a unique code that allows you keep track effectively.

OMNI Channel:  Whether you have a smartphone, or a tablet or a computer, you can now use Loystar on any of this devices (iOS coming very soon 😉 ), it also allows you transact offline and your transactions  automatically syncs to your account when you are online.

Multiple Outlets and Staff Accounts: Opening a new outlet soon or do you already have multiple outlets? Loystar now allows you to add new branches with cashier and manager accounts all from the same business account. This allow you monitor individual employee and outlet performance. Cool right 🙂

Accounting and Book-keeping: Do you spend so much time manually balancing your sales and accounts? Loystar now allows you instantly send your sales records into your accounting books.

You can learn about how we do this with Accounteer. This integration provides you with a full accounting experience by syncing your business sales in real-time, from your Loystar account to your accounting system for effective bookkeeping.

Other benefits of using Loystar include : easily running loyalty programs for your customers, tracking sales transactions with reports, printing receipts, managing your customer database, automatic birthday messages and SMS marketing.  

We are offering a 15{f4398d4dbb4bd612786df53967ba59c0d9abf9f79d3c47e3baf226da3624040b} discount on your next subscription when you reactivate your account between March 14th and April 1st.

If you’d like to re-activate your account or subscribe to a plan to enjoy these features on Loystar. Leave us your details below and i’ll be in touch.


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