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Loyalty tip number 5

No doubt, loyalty programs are a great way to generate repeat sales, but one interesting way loyalty programs can be of value is by using them to boost sales at your low peak times. How does this work, you may ask. Here is an explanation.

Asides from your standard loyalty programs you may be running, create a specific program for your low peak times and improve the incentive. Communicate this to your customers using the SMS broadcast tool in the app so they are aware on what’s on offer.

For instance, if your standard programs would give 10 points for every 1 dollar spent(I use dollar for obvious reasons, please feel free to insert your local currency), loyalty programs for your low peak times could reward consumers with DOUBLE POINTS or TRIPLE POINTS of the standard program. Tie these points to rewards more exciting that your standard program.
The point exactly, at your low peak times, make your customers an offer they can’t say no to. Get them to stop by and that’s a good chance to up-sell.

This strategy is not a silver bullet to improving your sales at low peak times, but it worth experimenting with.


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