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3 days to market day and merchants are getting all geared up to the July edition of the Accra goods open air market.

Past editions of the Accra goods market have been largely successful. The market gives a chance to new and upcoming lifestyle brands to showcase the good stuff they have.

You can expect great food, new fashion styles, tasty cocktails, fun combined with a admirable ambiance and vibe.

This edition of the market is expecting 100 vendors on the floor and has been designed to deliver a much better experience than previous editions for all participants.

Loystar+Accra Goods Market

Loystar together with the organizers of the Accra Goods market have come together to enable participating vendors deliver amazing customer experience using loyalty programs.

Gather round shoppers…

What’s your role as a visiting shopper?


While you shop around observe which vendor exhibits remarkable customer service that makes you want to come back. An online poll would be launched noon of that day and consumers get to vote for their favorite merchants. i.e Merchant that exhibit good customer service, according to your judgment.

Accra Goods Market - July 1 Market Day

Vendors… are you ready?

3 merchants would emerge winners. 1 voted by visitors and fans, one chosen by the Accra goods market organizers, and the last chosen by Loystar.

Criteria for winning the Loystar prize would be how well a merchant use the Loystar app on that day. Generally how thoughtful they are in engaging with their customers via the app.

Winners get 3 – months subscription to use Loystar (Worth $150) plus $25 advert credits on Facebook.

In preparation for July 1st, Vendors need to be prepared by doing the following:

  1. Get the Loystar mobile app ready on your phone by clicking this link
  2. Create your Loyalty Program.
  3. Record yours sales and be NICE to your customers on the D-Day.

At the end of the day vendors should have recorded sales made during the day along with the contact information of their customers so they can reach them at a later time.

When vendors signup on Loystar they have free 300 SMS on their account. A good way to use this would be to send a message to every customer they sold to during the day, thanking them for stopping by. Every transaction recorded also delivers a Thank you SMS from Vendors to their customers’  phone, communicating the number of points earned.

So vendors and their team, put on your smiley face, engage your customers, sell and delight them. Happy Republic Day in Advance.

Venue: Crystal Park, East Legon, Accra-Ghana. (Google map link)




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