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We are pleased to share with you that Loystar just got better with your favorite online payment
platforms. This simply means for every payment your business receives from Flutterwave or
Paystack, you get an instant SMS notification.
This feature does not replace the email notification you receive from this platform, but rather gives it a
better coverage, making it more seamless for your business.
Here are a few reasons you would want to activate and utilize the SMS notification feature:
 You want to inform staff or logistics to prepare the order.
 You want to reduce customer anxiety and let the customer know you have received
 You do not require data to receive SMS.
Best part? The entire process is a zero-code integration. This means you can set this up in a few
To set this up, you would need your Loystar account, a Zapier account, and a Flutterwave or
Paystack account.
Finally, beyond getting payment notifications, there are other features you maximize with the other
platforms on Zapier, such as receiving an SMS notification when you get an email from your top
customers or something else. We have created a template to help you get started – Click here 

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