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Remembering your customers’ birthday is a very powerful gesture you can leverage to keep your business in the mind of your customers but it can be hard to keep track of all the birth dates of all your customers.

That’s why we added the Birthday & Offers feature on Loystar.

How it works:
Loystar is able to send a birthday message and/or offer to your customers, addressed from your business name. All you would need to do only once is record the birth date of your customer the first time they are joining your loyalty program.

Now, we know some of your customers may refuse, encourage them by telling them about a birthday discount they could get or some offer you may give them available only on their birthday.

Some may not like their age revealed, in such case, you just need to record the day and month of their birthday and they would still get a message from you.

You can launch the Loystar app now customized your birthday message if you wish, but the pre-set text is also well composed.

Again, all you have to do is have the customer birth date on record and Loystar would remember to send the messages when it’s the customer’s birthday. You can always update a customer record if the birth date is missing.

We would also notify you if you have an offer for your customers just so you can prepare for it if they do come around to redeem the offer. Also a good opportunity to follow up with a personal call, sending them birthday wishes from you and your team.

Very powerful gesture. Your customers won’t forget your brand that easily.

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