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Nigeria Fintech Week (NFW) is an annual festival that aims to discover, launch and bring to limelight the new fintech solutions that can be leveraged in key important but neglected sectors such as health, agriculture, education, e-commerce, logistics amongst others.

This year’s edition in 2020, which was held in November was forced to go virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Nigeria fintech Week (NFW) 2020 promised to be a showcase of solutions through new technology. Of the myriad of solutions was the panacea to enable African MSMEs to become champions of the economy.

Loystar is the multi-channel, low-cost, next-generation point of sale technology platform that has emerged just in time to rescue small business communities in developing countries.


During the showcase, the CEO, Ayo Dawodu demonstrated the remarkable payment product from Loystar, uPay that plugs into 17+ Nigeria banks and enables customers make payments with their mobile phones, while merchants are notified in real-time once the money moves.

This innovation allows merchants can track payments and instantly reconcile sales across multiple payment channels and banks. Also, merchants can enable instant loyalty rewards for their clients.

Loystar’s goal is to be the dominant sales and customer loyalty and analytics platform for businesses. Our unique offering ensures the solution can function without the internet, other functions such as the versatile loyalty engine gives us the confidence to deliver the best-in-class commerce experience for both merchants and customers, while driving repeat patronage.

Watch the Demo Presentation 

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