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On March 31st we hosted some members of our community to a social media week lagos 2018 session, with the theme tagged “Closer Customers” and discussions centered around how to build customer relationships that drive repeat sales in business. The 2 other speakers invited were sure to share from their perspective on how getting closer to customers can bring about business growth.

We looked at this from 3 perspectives and came up with a representation, we called the Loyalty Triangle.


See the 4 takeaways below:

1 Tricia shared the story of a Taxi man, Taxi Terry (now a franchise) and how he was able to deliver exceptional customer service as a Taxi driver. The attendees watched the video below and the takeaway here is:

Go above and beyond with your customer service.

2. For many brands out there, they always look forward to making a sale with customers, but with this point, the speaker, Tricia makes an emphasis on an “After Sale” experience. She goes on the share local brands that practice is quite well,  case in point, God is Good transport, House of Tara who call 500 of their customers every week.

Tricia small business fixer @ Loystar

The take away here is that:

Business not always about making a sale. What happens “after-sales” is what gets your closer to customers and builds loyalty.

3. As business owners, it quite easy to aspire to become a brand with exceptional customer service and so we set the standard starting out or at some point, but the second speaker, Osarume from Wave Academics reveals to the attendees that what really sets a great customer service apart is maintaining the culture of delivering great customer service every time. The takeaway here is:

The difference between ordinary customer service and extra – ordinary customer service is consistency.


4. Osarume further highlights the need to equip your employees with the necessary soft skills and training that ensures every interaction between your employees and your customers is void of any sub-par experience.

Osarume @ Loystar


More of your customers will do business with you because of how friendly and courteous your employees are.

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