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Join the Loystar Sales Partner Program

Refer a business and earn 20% commission for a year.

Members of the program can earn 20% of all payment from all your referred clients for 1 year. No limit to the number of clients you can refer.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Loystar/ Tell me about Loystar?

Loystar is a customer loyalty and retail platform that provides retail businesses everything they need to sell and keep their customers.

How does your loyalty program work?

You can run 2 types of Loyalty programs on Loystar
– The Simple points Loyalty Program
– The Stamp Loyalty Program

For the simple points, as the name implies, it’s pretty simple.
1 point is 1 currency unit. For example, when customers spend
1 Naira they get 1 point.

You can set a spending target for your customers. When they spend up to 5000 Naira for example, it means they have 5000 points.
So you can say anyone that spends up to the specified amount can get a reward.
Your reward can be anything you want to give, discount, gift, airtime etc.
The platform automatically calculates the points for every customer.

For the Stamp Loyalty program, it’s slightly different and can be used for product-specific loyalty programs.

For example, you can run such a program that says buy this item 5  times and get the 6th free.

1 purchase of an item is 1 stamp

So you can determine the number of stamps the customer must have to get the item free.

Do my customers have to download the Loystar App?

No. Your customers do not need to download an app or even own a smartphone. All you need from them is a mobile phone number.

How do I get my customers to join my Loyalty program?

At the point of transaction with your customers, in-store or online, you simply tell them your offer for sticking with you and then request that they join your Loyalty to earn rewards for their patronage. Then you collect their name and phone number. Date of Birth (Year isn’t compulsory) also to send them birthday wishes and offers automatically.

I already have a list of customers I would like to sign up for my Loyalty program. How can I put them into your system?

If you have a list of customers, you can email as an attachment to import@loystar.co and we would import your contacts into your account.
You can also add customers from your phone book via the mobile app or web platform.

Do you have any Testimonials or success stories Please see below links to some customer stories/testimonials

The loystar app couldn’t have come at a better time, we were at the point where we were thinking of rewarding our customers and were strategizing how to start printing loyalty cards, how we would stamp them, what we’ll use to stamp and all the other legalities. The loystar app has taken all the stress away and even added a lot more benefits. A must have for every forward thinking organisation.” – Adeyemi (Wingsville – Tanq Foods Ltd )

Loystar is a hassle-free way of tracking your clients visits as well as spend. Just set your targets and Loystar does the work for you. Very useful and simple tool. Highly recommended” – Sharon (Eya Naturals Salon)

I have been looking for something like this here. We have it in France, but I have not seen it here and I like that it is simple to use.” – Benedict (Out of Paris Fashion)

We also have a use-case of a Fashion brand – See how HOPE fashion uses Loystar in the Luxury Fashion Business

What's the financial implication?

Please visit the pricing page to see the various plans we offer.