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It’s a no brainer why SMS can be an effective tool in growing your business. Whether your customers own smartphones or not, SMS has got them, though many people under-estimate the effectiveness of the tool.  A business is only as good as the tools it uses.

In this post, which is our first merchant showcase, (more to come) we share on how one of Loystar’s merchants, Eya Naturals, a fast growing hair and beauty brand with great appeal from the natural and hair community, is building customer loyalty using SMS. We also share tips on how you can improve profitability in your small business and get the most from loyalty programs.

Visit 6 times and get a reward on your 7th.

With a presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and the US, Eya Naturals is a brand that sells hair and beauty products and also runs a salon in the city of Accra. Eya Naturals started using Loystar about 2 months ago and has been able to incite continuous patronage from their customers, as well as grow the engagement with their customer base, translating all of that into customer loyalty using the Loystar App for Business.

Eya Naturals runs a 7 stamps program on Loystar and the customers seem to love it.

We won’t let such a good chance to get an endorsement pass by, so we asked Sharon, founder Eya Naturals to give her feedback on the Loystar App, and she had this to say:

Loystar is a hassle-free way of tracking your clients visits as well as spend. Just set your targets and Loystar does the work for you. Very useful and simple tool. Highly recommended.

You can contact Eya Naturals by calling: +233 204 600 464, Website:

2 Quick Tips for running Loyalty Programs.

Loyalty programs offer an opportunity to go lean on your marketing budget, plus they help enable a win-win situation where your business increase sales from repeat customers and the customers enjoy rewards.

Here are 2 tips to getting the most out of them.

  • Make it easy: In creating a Loyalty program that catches on quickly, merchants should set spending goals that are easily attainable, studies have shown that the easier a goal is perceived to be reachable, the more you are motivated to hit that goal. Setting an easily attainable spending goals would let the customer enjoy some gratification sooner than later. As humans, we get good feelings, when something good is around the corner. So you’d want to make that good feeling happen more often because that means more $Ka-Ching!
  • Communicate your offering: Noticed how Eya Salon made use of Facebook, Instagram and even their website to let customers know of their loyalty offer. Something we can all learn from. People prefer to patronize places where they are rewarded, but first they have to know there is a reward. How would they know, if we don’t tell?



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