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The inaugural program launched on January 9-10, 2017 with a 2-day startup development program, followed by a virtual demo day for 10 selected companies. Demo judges included angel investors, global accelerator leaders, and press. Current prizes include a SendGrid Package: $1,560 worth of credits with SendGrid ($129.95 / month for 12 months) and VIP tickets to Haiti Tech Summit- the largest conference in the Caribbean with 1000+ attendees and 100+ investors (valued at $995 each). The top 3 companies will be featured in press and media outlets and introduced to top investors in the region.

Now, for the final results! We are pleased to announced the top 3 winners for the 2017 Winter Africa Digital Startup Accelerator! Winners represented Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. It was a tough competition but the top three winners are Loystar with 31 points, Intelligent Routing with 31 points, and Edusko with 29 points. The tie was broken with the popular vote with Loystar receiving more votes then Intelligent Routing. Rent Your Hall was the winner of the popular vote.


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