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Tim Draper in Ghana: SpeedUPAfrica’s Top Five Start-Ups

One hundred start-up founders from 18 African countries came together on a beach resort in Accra, Ghana in July 2016 for SpeedUPAfrica – a four-day day growth and investment bootcamp aimed at ‘transforming start-ups in to speedups’.

SpeedUPAfrica was created by Toro Orero, Managing Partner of DraperDarkFlow; a Silicon Valley VC Fund backed by legendary Investor Tim Draper, who was also in attendance. Tim has raised over $4 billion in funds, invested in over 1000 companies (including Skype and Hotmail), with 24 exits at over $1 billion.

Young founders from across the continent and beyond were treated to mentor sessions and workshops hosted by the likes of Facebook, Google and 500 Startups before DraperDarkFlow, Toro and Tim made investments in eight start-ups.

A further six entrepreneurs were selected to take part in Singularity University’s new Impact Fellows Programme, while another seven were chosen to attend Draper University; Tim’s school in Silicon Valley aimed at helping ‘extraordinary people accomplish their life missions’.

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