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Customer loyalty programs have always been key to building and retaining good customer relationships. The process, however, does not come easy. I have had some shops pitch me their cards so I can use to shop anytime I visit and I didn’t accept it, and I know it’s not an outlier. This is the industry Loystar wants to disrupt.

Loystar is a SaaS startup which helps merchants design and run their own loyalty programs in less than 5 minutes through an app. Because repeat customers are crucial to building a business, the Loystar app helps you to reward your most loyal customers.

The cardless solution helps merchants to save costs on paper as they don’t need to print loyalty cards. For the customers, they don’t need to carry their cards on them all the time as their store visits/purchases are always recorded by the business owners. Finally, customers don’t have to download any mobile app to help them keep track of their purchases to rack up rewards.

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