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Everything You Need to Sell and Build Loyalty.

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[vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”LOYALTY PROGRAMS” img=”8974″ title_color=”#282828″]Create your own Loyalty programs to promote a loyal buying behaviour with your customers.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ img=”8432″ title=”INVENTORY TRACKING” title_color=”#282828″ el_class=”compact”]Take advantage of the powerful inventory tracking on Loystar; with a website or no website, online or offline, with multi-branch tracking.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=” icon-shopping-18″ title=”INVOICE & RECEIPTS” img=”8431″ title_color=”#282828″]Send Your Invoices & Receipts on WhatsApp & Email or download as PDF.[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ img=”8977″ title=”ATTRACTNEW CUSTOMERS” title_color=”#282828″ el_class=”compact”]Get access to thousands of customers on our marketplace

[vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”BIRTHDAY MESSAGES” img=”6116″ title_color=”#282828″]Make your customers feel loved by sending them a message on their birthdays, automatically.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”MESSAGING” img=”6110″ title_color=”#282828″]Send personalized Bulk SMS directly to your customers, local and international.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=” icon-shopping-18″ title=”BEAUTIFUL REPORTS” img=”6118″ title_color=”#282828″]Get beautiful reports delivered to your email. Know your top spenders, customer retention rate & more insights about your business.

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Whether you are a small retail SME just starting out online, or you are an established brand with multiple outlets, Loystar has the solution that can meet your needs. Here what Grace, Shop manager at HOPE Fashion had to say.
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Sell from Home or from your business location, as a single store or with multiple outlets. Loystar gives you all the tools you need to sell and engage your customers online, offline & wherever.

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Enjoy Reliable Payment with Integrated POS terminals.


⚡ Super Fast Payment Processing.
? Seamless reconciliation with your sales on your Loystar account.
? Multiple payment options (Card, Bank Transfer, USSD)
? Real-time monitoring and reporting.
? Low cost pricing (0.5% – capped at NGN1,000)
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