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Everything You Need to Take Your Restaurant To the Next Level

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[vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”LOYALTY PROGRAMS” img=”8974″ title_color=”#282828″]Create your own Loyalty programs to promote a loyal buying behaviour with your customers.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ img=”8432″ title=”INVENTORY TRACKING” title_color=”#282828″ el_class=”compact”]Take advantage of the powerful inventory tracking on Loystar; with a website or no website, online or offline, with multi-branch tracking.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=” icon-shopping-18″ title=”INVOICE & RECEIPTS” img=”8431″ title_color=”#282828″]Send Your Invoices & Receipts on WhatsApp & Email or download as PDF.[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ img=”8977″ title=”ATTRACTNEW CUSTOMERS” title_color=”#282828″ el_class=”compact”]Get access to thousands of customers on our marketplace

[vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”BIRTHDAY MESSAGES” img=”6116″ title_color=”#282828″]Make your customers feel loved by sending them a message on their birthdays, automatically.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”MESSAGING” img=”6110″ title_color=”#282828″]Send personalized Bulk SMS directly to your customers, local and international.

[/vsc-text-icon][vsc-text-icon media_type=”img-type” align=”left” icon=” icon-shopping-18″ title=”BEAUTIFUL REPORTS” img=”6118″ title_color=”#282828″]Get beautiful reports delivered to your email. Know your top spenders, customer retention rate & more insights about your business. See example

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Whether you are a small food busines just starting out online, or you are an established restaurant with multiple outlets, the Loystar omni-channel point of sale has the solution that can meet your needs  and deliver a delightful experience to your customers and staff.
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[vsc-section-title align=”left” size=”small” title=”FAST POINT OF SALE TO PROCESS CUSTOMERS ORDERS“]
Seamlessly process orders from dine-in customers and online orders from one platform.

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