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With Loystar, you can easily set up a simple loyalty program without the need for a card.

You can run 2 types of Loyalty programs
– The Simple points Loyalty Program
– The Stamp Loyalty Program

For the simple points, as the name implies, it’s pretty simple.
1 point is 1 currency unit. For example, when customers spend 1 Naira they get 1 point.

You can set a spending target for your customers. When they spend up to 500 GHC for example, it means they have 500 points.

So you can say anyone that spends up to the specified amount can get a reward.
Your reward can be anything you want to give, discount, gift, airtime e.t.c.
The platform automatically calculates the points for every customer.

For the Stamp Loyalty program, it’s slightly different and can be used for product-specific loyalty programs.

For example, you can run such a program that says buy this item 5  times and get the 6th free.

1 purchase of an item is 1 stamp. So you can determine the number of stamps the customer must have to get the item free.


See the video guides below