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[April 19th 2020] The current global pandemic – COVID19 has caused a shift in the way we live our lives. Across various industries, digital tools are being adopted at a rapid pace and the retail sector is not exempted. At Loystar, we are responding to this situation in a number of ways.  As a software company, some of the tools and processes we have put in place for the business we serve have been thought through and designed to be relevant in such times as this. 

As we approach a low-touch, contactless economy, it is important that we make the transition seamless, quick and efficient as could possibly be.

Today, existing businesses using the Loystar Point of Sale solution are only 1 step away from transitioning to digital. This means they can, in 1-2 hours, set up an e-commerce platform, ready to sell and transact entirely online.

New Merchants can get up to speed by requesting a Loystar account here –  We cater to retail businesses.

To support this digital transition, Loystar is responding in the following ways:

1. Webinars & Practical Sessions:

We’ve hosted 3 Webinars and been invited to contribute to the current discussions in many other webinar sessions, teaching businesses how to thrive post Covid19, retain their employees, spot opportunities amidst the crises and how to transition their business to digital easily by setting up their own eCommerce infrastructure in a few steps using the tools we provide.
Learn more about these Webinar series here. 

2. A Mobile Market Place Experience – Chow!

Chow means eat in popular local parlance. For existing Loystar food vendors, we have handpicked and curated their food items available for sale in a market place mobile web experience. Any user can log in, browse through and place an order for various types of food. This comes in very handy in time like this when food is an essential item to have. Login to Chow! – https://chow.loystar.coChow! by loystar

3. Enabling for Online Commerce for Trust and Credibility with Visual Invoices

This response is one of our earlier innovations, but highly relevant in these times. It’s never been more important to build TRUST & CREDIBILITY in an online digital environment. These 2 things are VERY IMPORTANT if you want to be able to convert sales online.
With the invoice feature on Loystar, we shared 3 ways it’s functionality can help you improve Sales Conversion  Learn more here –

4. 25 for 25… for 25 (High-Value Offers)

To support businesses’ transition to digital, Loystar is offer discount and high-value offers. Learn more here –