The work we do at Loystar is about helping micro, small and medium businesses become more profitable by improving their productivity. The common theme in the series of problems faced by these merchants is inefficiency. This has led to a bigger problem of customer retention.

We care about solving this problem. It’s hard but we think it’s worthwhile. If you agree, you should join us.

See available roles at Loystar:

  • Mobile Software Engineer: You are an iOS or Android developer but are open learning and willing to up your  game. Bearing in mind the mobility advantage as you develop capacity at Loystar. Please Apply here.
  • Data Officer: You understand the power leveraging data can bring to the businesses we serve. You have a bit of experience and can see the big picture for Loystar from a data perspective. Please Apply here.


We believe everyone deserves a balanced happy life. Humans of Loystar approach work with a healthy mindset and one that has “HappYness” centered around it.

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