About Us

The company and the team

Loystar’s goal is to help small and medium businesses across the world become more profitable by enabling them build customer loyalty and drive repeat sales in their business.

We have realized that these small businesses are usually under-served, even though their commercial activities creates economic value.
Champions of the economy, as we like to call these merchants, not losing customers is what keeps them in business. Ensuring their optimal productivity would create a positive effect on society as majority of them engage in business to improve the lives of their families, themselves and indirectly, the economy of the nation they dwell.


Our everyday task at Loystar is to enable our partners across the world directly connect with their customers and empower them to grow repeat sales in their businesses.


Loystar - Building Loyalty that Lasts

Don’t just sell, build loyalty

With experience providing digital solutions for small and medium enterprises across the world, Ayo holds a Masters degree in Networking and internet systems and is passionate about empowering retailers in emerging economies

Ayo Dawodu

Co-founder, CEO

Laud Bruce-Tagoe is a passionate software developer. Though with a background n political science, Mr. Bruce has exceptionally demonstrated excellent skills in developing complex internet systems towards meeting business and human needs.

Laud Bruce-Tagoe

Co-founder, CTO

Udia brings on board several years of experience recruiting the informal workforce for the SMEs in the verticals we serve. He has a background in Information technology and has consulted for several organizations.

Udia Umoette


Delali contribute to Loystar's offering in the capacity as the Chief Data Officer. As a master of statistics and data analysis, he unlocks and brings to bare the value of data for Loystar's merchants and partners alike.

Delali Agbenyegah

Chief Data Officer

Belvi brings his Inquisitive mind as a mobile software engineer with a big heart for positive contribution. Interested in Mobile Development, public speaking, machine learning, IoT and bots.

Belvi Nosakhare

Mobile Engineer
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